The weekend is only half over and already it's been one of the best in memory.  I love spending time with Tim and our son on the weekends.  It reminds me what is important and what really doesn't matter.  When I gave birth to Riley I remember looking at Tim holding him just after while we still waiting in the delivery suite for my room to open up and thinking "Wow! I really love this man" and ever since then I've been looking at him and he just surprises me more and more.  The way he is with Riley just reaffirms for me that I made the right choice when I decided to marry him (after dating for 7.5 years!).

It's pretty warm today, some would call it hot (it's just about where I like for summer at 29 degrees Celsius).  So while the little man was having his nap we decided to inflate and put out his baby swimming pool.  It was the first time we had used it.  He LOVED it.  In and out, in and out. Splish, Splash!  It was really cute.  He always wanted Tim or I to be in the pool with him which is fine because we like to be as close as possible when he is in the water.  While out there I took something I was working on to rise.  More about that later, check back on June 29, 2008!

DSCF0051Went to Riley's last swimming lesson until the beginning of July.  Got some really good pictures of him and his friends swimming together.  We'll miss ya D!  Can't wait till we see ya in the fall!  C and C will be joining us again.  Which is nice.  I enjoy their company and with two boys around all the time I enjoy having some other girls around sometimes!  I've decided against posting about the photo fiasco from last weekend which left be bawling beside the pool.  I will say this though, to whoever you are that had a HUGE issue with me taking photos of my son and his father (and his friends, which I has asked if it was ok if we took photos of) I'm sorry that you were in a tizzy about me taking some pictures so we could remember the fun time we had at the Y.  If you would have just come and talked to me as opposed to running all over the building trying to find someone to stop me I could have made sure I didn't get your sons or husband in the photos.  Or if you would have asked me I could have told you we had cleared it with the manager at the location.  Ok, enough of that.  Here is one of the better photos of my boys enjoying themselves (and no the crazy mother or her family are in the photo!).     

stroller Our new stroller came yesterday!!!  When I saw the Fedex truck pull up I jumped up and down in my seat with giddy.  The little stroller we bought at Wal-mart for like $10.00 is a POS.  No room to store anything, can't even put your keys anywhere.  The old one that came with his car seat is still good but it's huge and hard to carry around and does not fit into the lockers at the Y.  It also takes up a fair amount of room in the trunk and it's also heavy.  So after a lot of research (and I do mean a lot, all I did was look at strollers/buggy's for like a week on-line) I found one that looked great.  Was light-weight and stylish.  Not that is really matters that's it's stylish.  My requirements were: safe, folds up small, light-weight, a bit of storage, good warranty, good name.  The bonuses were it has a sun cover, rain cover and it can lay down!  I'm excited about that.  We also splurged and got ourselves an accessory that can hold sippy cups/bottles/coffee, keys, and a fair amount of other stuff.  We used it yesterday to run our errands and today to go to the pool and the Farmer's Market.  So far I am very pleased and find it to be a great purchase.  It was a little pricey but I can understand why people gave it such great reviews.  Tim is happy with it because he doesn't have to be hunched over any more to be able to push it.  The small one we bought at Wally World always made him hunch.  We are planning on taking it on vacation with us.  We'll let you know how it works. Oh, Haha!  I didn't mention which stroller it is.  It's a Maclaren Quest Sport 2008.

Re-did my Daring Bakers challenge for this month.  Finished it earlier this evening.  I am so glad I decided to give it another go.  I was really disappointed with the results I got the first time around.  This time it is fabulous!  I'd make it again without even a second thought.  I'm going to take some over to Carolyn so she can feed her growing baby.  Who wouldn't want sweets when their preggo?  I know I sure did!

I'm going to be going back to vegetarian.  I just feel run down with a lot of meat in my system.  Last time I stopped eating it after about a week I felt so great.  I had energy all the time and was sleeping better.  Looking forward to hopefully getting that feeling back.  Don't worry though, it won't affect my baking.  I still eat eggs and dairy and fish.  I just don't feel bad for them...  I know I should but I don't.  Besides...  how do you make sushi without fish?  I love sushi.

Just finishing up Rome Sweet Home.  I'm enjoying it.  Not as good as the Christopher West book I read a little bit back but it's still good.  Tim and I have been trying to decide what to do.  Tim really likes our Reverend currently but we just found out that he has been appointed to the positions of Dean (Assistant to the Bishop) for our area.  Which means he won't be doing services at our current church.  So we have a decision to make....  do we go to St. Charles which is about 10 minutes from here and really look into becoming Catholic or do we go downtown and follow the Reverend (I think he's Very Reverend now... not 100% sure, I should look).  He'll be doing services at All Saint's Cathedral which is the main Anglican church for Edmonton and area.  Or we could just stay where we are and hope it works out.  I don't know what to do.  I asked for a sign and this is what I got...  thanks. :P  I guess we'll see, I have till September to figure it out.

Ok, well that's about all I have to talk about right now.  Going to go work on my Daring Bakers post!       



You know it's pretty amazing how you can make me jealous with just a few sentences! :P

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