Why do they make cookbooks without pictures?

Seriously!  Especially dessert cookbooks.  Why?!  I don't know about all of you but I am a visual person.  I need the pictures of the oooey, gooey, yummy in my tummy looking desserts.  I just don't feel inspired to make them if I have no idea what they will look like. 

This has happened to me twice lately.  I got Laura Calder's book called French Food at Home and Dorie Greenspan's book Paris Sweets.  Thankfully, I just didn't go in blind and buy them.  Granted, they both have fabulous sounding recipes but still.  I need pictures!  Doesn't anybody else feel this way?

Nigella Lawson does some great pictures in her cookbooks, or Jamie Oliver even.  The Company’s Coming collection of cookbooks also has lots of pictures.  Sometimes pictures aren't necessary but for me to make and eat something that I definitely don't need, I need a picture!  I eat with my eyes first.  Isn't that why food network is so popular?

On another note I finished reading one of my books (1 down, three more to go!  Never mind the fact I have 3 more coming in on May 22!)  I finished Good News about Sex and Marriage by Christopher West.  I thought it was a really good book.  It definitely makes you think about the whole sex/marriage thing in a different light.  I really appreciated the book and even if you’re not interested in what the Catholic Church has to say I would still read it.  It makes you have a very different outlook and respect for your significant other and your life together.  I guess you could say I was enlightened.

So just to let you guys know a little bit about my crazy life I went to my MIL and FIL's (or should it be PIL for Papa in law?) on Sunday.  I took my book with me because we were spending the entire day there and I wanted to get some reading done while Riley was napping.  So I took the above mentioned book with me as well as two cookbooks so that my MIL could help me come up with some flavor combinations for something I am making.  I grabbed them out of the diaper bag and went up to kitchen to make lunch for my little one.  As we are up there my PIL (Hehe!) comes home from his church of choice and looks at my book, reads the title out loud and then snorts loudly while shaking his head.  I look at Tim and kind of give him the googly eyes as in "what was that?".  Apparently my choice in books is not approved of as I was slightly mocked for the rest of the day on occasion.  I would normally just let is pass and shrug it off, but because I can and I feel like it here is my retaliation of sort The first post-Christian Christian church?  (Reads article, rolls eyes, snorts, and walks away.)  Ok, I'm done being childish....  for now.  Don't judge me for having a moment; don't you ever have a moment?

*IMPORTANT!* Just so you don't get the wrong idea.  I love LOVE my Parents-In-Law.  They are really nice and kind and take care of my son on occasion.  But we just have a difference of opinion on certain subjects.  Don't you ever disagree with your PIL's or even your parents?

Oh!  I'm very excited about this coming Friday Night/Saturday Night as I will be trying my first ever Daring Bakers challenge!  I am very very excited and terrified!  I hope it turns out, wish me luck!

Must stop blogging at work....  oh who am I kidding!  Everyone blogs at work! 


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