So I went to bed last night after an exhausting day of doing stuff.  I totally forgot to post and that's why I am doing a quick recap right now.  Tim got up pretty early and finished shingling the roof which was great because it’s all done!!!  It looks pretty good and went a whole lot faster after he got the nail gun from a friend.  Glad to be done with the roof other than the vents but I don’t think (I’ve under estimated how long things will take the entire way so far) it’ll take much to get that done.  You can go to Tim’s Blog and look at the picture if you want.

Vanessa and John came over in the evening and John helped Tim with the garage door.  They got a lot done and what he and Tim and didn’t get done Tim is out working on with his dad right at this moment.  Thanks John for all the help!  We really appreciated it!

My eating better…  well Friday was not the best day for it.  It started iffy and ended up bad. :P  The only thing that makes me feel slightly like I did ok is the fact that I didn’t drink like the other 3 adults so I didn’t have 3 or 4 beers of calories in me!

  • Egg, Tortilla, Cheese (about 2 oz), Avocado, Salsa, and 2 pieces of bacon.
  • McDonalds Quarter pounder meal.  (Bleh!  We were running low on time and had to get back to the house to meet John and I didn’t want to make anything.)
  • Steak, Potatoe w/ Sour Cream and Butter, Vitamin Water, and about 1/4 of an 8 inch pie (a variety of flavors: chocolate, key lime, and Peanut butter!)
  • Slurp of Slurpee (Haha!)

I didn’t do any snacking during the day as I had lots of of stuff to do during the day.  Drank a fair amount of water.  There was corn with dinner but I didn’t have any.  I was going to make a salad but forgot.  I’m trying to be better today but so far it’s not going fabulous. 

I made the pies and will post about them later on when I have a moment, they were delicious!  My favorite is the key lime pie but Tim’s favorite is the Peanut Butter.  I’ll let you guys decide which you like better!image

Riley got a wasp/bee bite/sting in the afternoon but didn’t say anything till later that night.  Poor little guy first bug bite!  His leg is/was all swollen up and looks  like he’s been scratching it.  I sure hope it gets better soon.  We mention going to the Dr’s to have him have a look and he started shaking like and leaf and saying “No no no!!!”.  His last experience going to the Dr’s was when we rushed him to ER for falling out of the cart at Wal-Mart accidently when Tim couldn’t see him over the car seat in the top of the cart.  He went to lean out for something and fell out.  Poor little guy still has the rDSCF0010emnants of a nasty “dinosaur horn” as the Dr coined it. 

Other things I need to get done today:

  • Start getting the walls in Lukah’s room prepared for painting.
  • Take pictures of the wonderful pies I made.
  • Make apricot jam – I should post about the jam I’ve been making.
  • Make dinner
  • Take Riley to the park if we have time and he gets up from nap before dinner time!

Thought I would include this picture, I think it is one of the better pictures I’ve taken recently.  Tim, just as he came in the door said it was an awesome picture.  When I showed it to him a week ago he said “Meh!”   I think it’s pretty awesome, plus doesn’t hurt to have a cutie pie as a son.

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