What's your favorite breakfast?

As I was watching my little one much down his plain oatmeal with banana and a little brown sugar I came across an article saying that what you have for breakfast says a lot about you.  Now, I don't know that I totally agree with that because for me personally in the morning (especially on a work morning) I get up late and end up grabbing a granola bar.  My favorites right now are the Cherry Dark Chocolate and the Peanut Peanut Butter ones from Kashi.  The only other thing that enters my system before noon is normally a nice big mug of coffee from fresh beans that my hubby gets up early just to make me.  I'll admit that I'm a little bit of a coffee snob and do like only certain kinds.  Right now I like Peruvian Sunrise it's a little strong but that’s what you need when you get up at 6 in the morning!  Needless to say that my breakfast during the week is not all that exciting. 

On the weekends and if I have planned out what I'm going to eat the day before or so I will normally pick up my FAVOURITE breakfast, which is A Cream Cheese Danish and a Cappuccino with one sugar (or Splenda).  Now don't get me wrong there are many other favs (fruit salad and a croissant, pancakes w/ strawberries, veggie omelets, poppy seed bagel with plain cream cheese and smoked salmon, hard boiled egg with buttered white toast, ice cream cake, fruit smoothie with peanut butter and flax seed oil, and probably many other ones I've forgotten.)

Now that I really think about it, I LOVE breakfast, definitely more than lunch and a little bit more than dinner.  Although, there is nothing better than a fresh Greek salad and an organic chicken breast or small steak for dinner on a warm summer day.  Unfortunately it's not summer here yet, but it's getting close!  Almost all the snow is gone!  Hopefully this time it doesn't blizzard a week later!

So now that I've told you my favorites for breakfast, what’s yours?  Anything unique? 

Oh!  On a side note Tim and I picked up a copy of Adobe Lightroom to help me with my food pictures.  I've also decided that I should buy some plain white dishes for photos, when I look at other people’s photos the food just pops so much nicer than on the dishes I've got.  So hopefully my food pictures will begin to look even more fabulous than they already do!  

But now I need to go clean the kitchen, vacuum the living room and stairs and get lunch ready for the little man.  After that since its so nice I think we might walk all the way to the library to pick up the books I have waiting for me there.  I already have five, what’s two more! 




My favourite breakfast? Bacon n Eggs!

Now if only someone would get up in the morning and make them for me..

Oh, don't forget the coffee!

It depends entirely on the season. But I do like a good fruit and yogurt parfait pretty much anytime. With yummy granola on top. I wish I could still drink coffee. :( I like it very much but it bad for tummy.

Lots of favorite breakfasts, since I can list more than one. Thick slice of ham and scrambled eggs, multigrain toast and orange juice. Omelete with ham, crisp bacon, cheese, mushrooms, onions and peppers. French toast with bananas or strawberries, butter and syrup, maybe ham with it. Eggs Benedict with asparagus, provided the ham is thick, not deli meat. My healthiest? Oastmeal with sliced apples and raisins, skim milk and brown sugar. Or a grapefruit, cut in half with no sugar and buttered toast.
All of this, ideally, would have no fat and no calories, right? LOL
(This is opposed to my usual breakfast of a chocolate SlimFast and a banana for coffee break.)

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