This weekend was pretty good.  Tim, Riley and I all piled in the car on Saturday morning to go downtown for their swimming lessons at the YMCA.  It was lots of fun, Riley is finally (for the past two lessons) warming up to being in the water with Tim.  He doesn't reach for me anymore and actually giggles and smiles a lot now.  His friends C & C were there.  We've been taking lessons with them since the very beginning.  I've really enjoyed getting to know them they are great girls and the little one is so sweet.  She also gives me a reason to buy pink things!  My little one sure doesn't need pink!  Bedsides the fact I'm pretty sure that Tim wouldn't allow it.  He was the one that insisted Riley could NOT wear a "dress" to his baptism.

It's amazing how friendships start, Tim asked me the other day how I met them and I had to stop and think for a minute and then I remembered the first swimming lesson I went to I had forgotten my lock for the locker and ask C if I could put my wallet and car keys in her locker, she said yes and since then we've been meeting for swimming.  We make sure the little ones get their class together.  It's so cute how they recognize each other and smile at each other.  Glad to know that Riley is making some friends.  Heck, doesn't hurt for me to make some Mommy friends either!

Today was good.  I actually got up on time so I wasn't flying around the house trying to get myself ready and Riley ready so that we can leave on time for church so that we're not sliding into our seats as the Reverend is doing his welcome.  Riley went to Sunday school today with Daddy in tow.  Nice for me to be able to listen and not wonder where he is or what he's doing or what he's getting into.  The kids come down during The Peace to receive communion if they are able to.  Which is fine but somehow Riley got a hold of a quarter.  Tim tried to take it away, this made him scream, very loudly.  So we gave it back and watched him like a hawk.  He's at this stage where he fakes us out, he'll offer us a piece of his fruit or something and the pulls it away at the last second and giggles at us or he pretends to put something in his mouth when he doesn't.  He did that today with the quarter, there I am kneeling down trying to pry his mouth open when he starts giggling at me and shows me it's in his other hand.  Drives me crazy that one does.  Thankfully, shortly after that he dropped it and I stepped on it so he couldn't see it anymore.  Whew.

Cross Riley loves to go up and stand at the railing to wait for communion (he just gets a blessing) but after we're done he doesn't want to leave.  So Tim picked him up today which made him  grumpy.  We put his down once we got back to our chairs and then he started just walking down the aisle of our seats which was fine because no one was sitting with us.  Then he tripped and smacked his face into one the arms on the chairs.  Screaming, howling, tears, the whole nine yards.  Couldn't have been that bad in the end because he stopped when I got about 3 steps from the back of the church but I decided since we were already there might as well stay at the back.  He wanted to go over and visit the sound guy so off we went he stole the sheep he had sitting in his cube (Mr. Feedback, get it?).  So Riley and I are standing at the back of the church when the procession starts leaving, they get to the back of the church and wait for the hymn to end before they exit.  No problem.  Until...  I'm standing there watching Riley and look up to see the person carrying the Processional Cross using the reflection to fix his hair!  That's right he's standing there using something that should be treated with respect to fix his hair.  I blink, shake my head, nope wasn't imagining it.  If I was his mother I would have smacked him upside the head.  How disrespectful.  So, what do I do about this?  I wasn't sure at the time so didn't do anything.  Tim suggested that I send a link to this post to the Reverend.  I don't know...  I'm not sure how that would go over.  Honestly, I don't think he likes me very much.  We'll see if I get up the guts! :P 

The rest of the day went really well.  Lunch, Family nap.  I love naps.  I would have a nap everyday if I could, who am I kidding before Riley I did have a nap everyday!  I made roast, Greek salad, and Yorkshire pudding for dinner.  We enjoyed the delicious Banana Carmel Cake with Carmel Frosting for dessert.  Riley had his bath and off to bed.  Now I'm posting, catching up on reader, enjoying some coffee and thinking I should start my new books.  I went yesterday and picked up two books I had put on hold.

Dummies          Rome

My sister-in-law recommended them to me as I've been sending all my questions about Catholicism her way.  Hope their good!  All the other ones I've read so far have been very interesting and full of stuff I wondered about.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment of my little boy and his Daddy.


DSCF0013What a little heat-breaker!  He just this evening figured out if he got in his little play wagon Daddy would pull him around the yard.  We're hoping to get a bigger one for him so that we can pull him around the Farmer's Markets this summer.  Although if we put our purchases in the wagon with him they might never make it home...  might have to think about that one some more!





Oh!  Congratulations to C & C (and S although I've only seen you in pictures and heard about from your wife!)).  They will be adding to their little family soon!  I'm so happy for you guys!  Riley can hardly wait to meet his new friend!


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