Valentine’s Day, a day late.




I use to be big on valentine’s day.  I’m not sure why anymore, it was never fun me when I was in school watching all my friends get candy grams or presents from their boyfriends.  I never seemed to have a boyfriend on valentine’s day.  I use to want to be spoiled on that special day where you could buy cards and candies and flowers.  We actually sold our first car a few years back to a man who was planning to give it to his girlfriend as a Valentine’s day present!  Now that I have been with the same man for 14 years I don’t really care if he gets me something or doesn’t.  I know he loves me, he gets up every day and goes to work so he can provide for our family without (much) complaint.  He does the dishes for me, takes the garbage out, and puts out (almost) whenever I want! *wink wink*.  I love you Hunny, even when you laugh at me for not putting the lid on the blender properly and the pasta sauce goes all over the kitchen!  I love you even more when you help me clean up after and don’t complain and still tell me dinner is delicious.

We didn’t do anything special just the two of us for valentine’s day, I don’t think we have since I got pregnant with out first little one.  February 14, 2006 was the day that I received the best gift ever in my life.  It was the first time Tim and I ever got to hear the heart beat of our first child, and what better gift could you get on valentine’s day than that?  I don’t think any gift from a store will ever top that gift, that little heart beat is the only valentine’s day gift I remember receiving in my 30 years here on earth.

This year valentine’s day was about the kids, just the way we like it.  I made heart shaped sandwiches for lunch.  We had cheese cannelloni and it was followed by the kids favorite, chocolate fondue (s’more fondue!) with fresh fruit.  We all wore pink/red clothes for the day (I even got L a cute “I’m a handsome devil” t-shirt for the occasion).  L and I made a gorgeous piece of art of Daddy!  I made heart streamers and hung them in the dining room and R rolled his eyes at his mother several times for trying to make up cutesy little poems about how much I love him, 5 going on 15 I tell ya.

I love you, all three of my boys.  My heart hasn’t been my own for almost 15 years now and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

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