Tolkien didn't like Narnia?

I love C.S. Lewis.  I find his writing hard to put down.  I've read the Narnia series so many times in my life I'm sure I could repeat parts of it to you.  I can barely wait for Riley to big enough that I can read it to him.  I'm very excited about Prince Caspian coming out tomorrow (May 16th) and plan to go to it next week when I have a babysitter!  Tim has been working his way through the Narnia collection but hasn't gotten to Prince Caspian yet.  I guess he'll just have to see the movie first.  C.S. Lewis and his wonderful books about a fantasy land were a big part of my childhood and I still read them occasionally.

Tolkien's books are a part of my adult life.  I read Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King when I was about 17 for the first time.  I remember liking them but not really liking them.  They were good but nothing to rave home about.  I re-read them when I was about 20 or so.  I was fascinated by them, I could barely put them down.  I would read until 2 or 3 in the morning and then drag my ass to class the next morning at 7:30 (Glad is was only a class on advertising!).  Tim hadn't read them when the movies started coming out so I insisted that we go buy a copy so that he could read them.  He read them and he liked them.  After that going to the following two movies all he did was correct them and say what was wrong here and there.  Maybe I should have left him in the dark!  :P

After the movies came out I bought all three and would watch them over and over.  That was my Saturday routine, put in LoTR's get comfy on the couch and fall asleep at some point during the movie.  Sometimes it was 20 minutes in and sometimes I never fell asleep.  I use to drive Tim crazy because I could recite line for line the movie.  I think I probably watched LoTR's about 300 times.  I'm surprised my DVD's still work.

I eagerly wait for The Hobbit to be completed so that I can go visit Bilbo and all the other wonderful characters again.

I stumbled across this article today, Tolkien's 'No' to Narnia.  It's what provoked me to post about this topic, and the fact that I am very excited to go see Prince Caspian! 



Who hasn't watched LotR at least 300 times? They were my constant pull out in the apartment. I'm glad that I own Lion, Witch and Wardrobe too.

I remember mom reading the Narnia series to me. I loved them and the loved the BBC movie versions of them too. I remember being scared of Golem when mom read Hobbit to me. But I was never scared of the Narnia series. I think Riley will love it when you can read the books to him.

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