Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes

Bright and early this morning Riley, Tim and I all got in the car and drove down to Hawrelak park.  When I say bright and early I do mean bright and early.  Thankfully Riley was a trooper  and after a very hard night before and going to bed at 7:30 he was up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7:30 am.  I wouldn't normally be thrilled about this but since we needed to leave around 8:30 it was good. 

Lots of free stuff and so many different things to see.  Riley was overwhelmed with all their was to look at.  Tim took him to look around while I stood in line to get our prize ( a free JDRF T-shirt, a TELUS green bag, and a lanyard) and hand in our pledges.  Thanks to everyone who pledged us!  It was a last minute decision brought on by my friend Carolyn asking if we wanted to go with them.  Tim and I decided sure, why not?  So we are really happy that our family came through and helped us out!  Your money is going to a good cause.  If your at all interested in knowing I did send a e-mail asking that the pledges, although they may be small, please be used for research that did not include Embryo stem cell research.  I have not heard back but I am hoping that it goes to other areas of research.

DSCF0004Here is a picture of my happy little man at the beginning of the walk.  He was a trooper and did really well.  5km is not a long distance but with all the other people around walking he was very good about sitting in his stroller almost the whole time.  Riley did his duty and made sure to eat all the snacks offered.  It's a hard job but somebody had to do it!  Over all it was really great day and we'll probably do it again.  Oh, and if anybody is wondering we walked the actual 6.4k in about an hour.  Now before you giggle at us we were two Mommy's, two Daddy's, and two babies in strollers.  Talking almost the entire way.  I think we did pretty good!  It wasn't timed so I can't tell you exactly how long but Tim did get out his blackberry and use his GPS to track us.  I think he's going to do a post on the walk as well.  I would post a picture of me and Riley but the only one Tim took has me with my tongue hanging out! 

In other areas of my boring life I found out what the next daring bakers challenge is and let me tell you I AM SO EXCITED!!!  It's something I have never made before and it's definitely going to be a challenge!  I also have started a list of recipes that I'm going to start trying soon and probably posting about.  Some of them include a fabulous recipe for Jam squares, dulce de leche cheesecake squares (it's my new obsession), Raspberry lemon muffins with a lemon icing.  There are so many I could go on forever.  I also am going to try some different dinner recipes including my favorites and some stuff I haven't tried before.  I am also going to give tofu one more try.  My brother-in-law gave me a recipe that he thought may get me over my tofu resistance.  I am also going to be trying really hard to lose these last 15sih pounds I want to lose.  All the baking I want to do may hinder that but I'm still going to try!  I tried Edadame (I hope that is how you spell it!) today...  I'm not sure.  It wasn't yucky but it wasn't like "Oh my gosh, I have to have more of these!".  We'll see.  I wouldn't eat it alone again but definitely in a stir fry or something.  Maybe it would be better with hot chili pepper sauce!  Everything is better with a little heat! 

I also have had so many articles on the Anglican church come by my reader that I don't even know where to start on the whole thing.  Not to mention the Pro-life articles.  Don't worry though, hopefully I'll soon be able to post on them.  I'm having a difficult time posting on them lately...  I don't want to offend anyone but I do want to express my opinion and get information that I think is important out there. 

Sister, don't worry...  I know you want a response to your post.  You will get one, it may not be what you want and I am trying to word it in a way so that you will not think I'm attacking or being mean.  I want you to read my post and take it to heart not ignore it.  All I can say right now is that I hope one day you see where I'm coming from.  I also hope that you get to experience happiness and love.          

Ok, going to finish reading my Google reader and then maybe watch the season finale of Tudors and then off to bed so I can be rested for a fabulous day with the wonderful little man!  Night!



Sounds like a great way to spend a beautiful spring day! That park sounds lovely.

I didn't like edamame!? Are you sure we're related? You did just eat the beans right? I don't like the shells, so I won't eat them, but the beans are yumma.

are you sure you had your glasses on when you were reading my post?  I said I wasn't sure. Geez.  Nevermind the fact that all you eat is junk...  maybe you'd feel better if you ate something other than hot dogs and hamburgers!

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