Swimming lessons and a Birthday party!

Today was the first day that Riley and Tim had swimming lessons together.  We left a little on the early side this morning as we weren’t 100% sure where to park.  We'd never been to the downtown YMCA.  It's lucky we left early as they had the area right around where we needed to park blocked off for a run this morning.  Not sure what the run was for but I think it had something to do with breast cancer as there was a lot of pink!

The YMCA downtown was just finished last year I believe and is very nice.  Although, I do have to say that I think I like the one closer to our house better.  The one we normally go to has a sloped floor into the teach pool and the water is always about the temperature of a nice warm bath.  This one the floor is moveable up and down and from what I hear very cold.  Riley's poor little friends that were there from our past two lessons were just a shivering with chattering teeth and all.  Riley was a little unsure of the whole thing and wasn't quite sure why I wasn't in the pool with him.  He kept looking at me and trying to come to me.  I hope that he gets use to it and has more fun with Tim in the pool.  After that we had to go find a bank since the parkade we parked only took cash and I never have any so we went to right where I use to work downtown used the cash machine and Tim managed to convince me that we needed to get Tim Horton's.   Mmmmmmm, Ice Cap.

We were going to go to the Farmer's Market but it was just crazy and we couldn't find a place to park so we decided just to go to Planet Organic instead.  Got a lot of the stuff we needed and then headed home where Riley could have a nap after his long swim with Daddy.  

I can't wait for the farmer's market downtown to open because then we can just go there after Riley's swimming lesson.  It opens on May 17, which is also the date of Riley's first friend birthday party!!!  I think that I am more excited than Riley is.  We've never been to one of his friend's birthdays before so it should be fun.  Now to go out and buy something cute!  I love shopping for other people's kids!  Ok, I love shopping for all kids!  Last weekend Riley and I went out and go his little girlfriend a cute little pink flowery pj set.  I never get to buy girl things so it was quite exciting!  This time we are buying for a boy but that can be just as much fun!  Maybe I'll get him some new swim trunks. D's Mommy (the little boy with the bday party) was admiring Riley's new ones from Gymboree.  I wouldn't normally get new ones because he'll just outgrow them but since we're going away this summer for two weeks I thought he would need more than one pair.

Anyways, little man is up so it's time from some lunch and then maybe a rollerblade!   




Managed to convince you? I asked if you wanted to go, and you said "sure!"

Was great fun to go swimming with Riley, and great that he's with his friends from the North Side.

Geeeez, the baby wanted a vanilla dip doughnut with sprinkles, it wasn't all me!

awesome !, beautiful.
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