Information overload and a very Happy 1st Birthday!

I haven't posted any recipes lately and thats because I've been having an inner struggle between what is right and wrong.  Right now your thinking "Huh?" It's food.  What's there to decide? 

Well, about a week ago (actually closer to two weeks now)  I decided to go look at something that maybe I shouldn't have (but maybe it's for the best)  about getting your pet "fixed" .  Well the ad I saw wasn't as funny as it looked and was kind of boring but it took me to an animal advocacy website.  There began my education on farm animals and what harm has come to them in what some refer to as "factory farming". 

What I saw was shocking and disgusting.  I had a hard time watching what I saw and could hardly believe that what I was seeing could possibly ever happen.  How anyone could treat an animal so awful was astounding to me.  So right now your thinking "what did you think happened to them Holly?  Their food!"  Yes, they are food for many people but does that mean that they cannot die with dignity and the respect that they deserve?  Should they not be treated as you would like to be treated?  How would you feel if that was your pet?  Your dog or cat?  And don't say that it wasn't so it doesn't matter because it does.  It happens to thousands of cats and dogs in other countries where there not seen as fuzzy little animals with feelings and thoughts.  Their seen as food.  There beaten with sticks, skinned alive and left to die in a pile of poor other litter animals that could not save themselves.

I promised myself I would not go into too much detail because I have already made my husband very uncomfortable with what I have learned.  I didn't tell him much but enough that he didn't want to hear it anymore.  He chooses to be ignorant for the first time that I have ever known him, he would rather be in the dark.  As I'm sure many people are and probably would prefer to stay that way.  I chose to educate myself.  I'm sure everybody is aware that the internet is not the all knowing.  There is a lot of information that is depicted in the way that it would suit the story or side that the person chooses to be on.

Anyways, I chose to do the the 30 day Veg pledge.  So far it's been okay.  I've found some very tasty TVP (textured vegetable protein) faux chicken burgers, and some not so good veggie meatballs (Bleh!).  My issue with doing this vegetarian thing is that I hate *HATE* tofu.  I don't mean in the ew it's gross way I mean in the way that when I stick it in my mouth my throat closes up and I gag.  I've tried it in many ways and have only been able to eat it in chocolate cake.  I've thought it was a mind over matter thing and told myself "it's good and it's good for you".  It never works though and I feel so defeated by a pile of soy bean goo.  So I've been trying to find things that are good substitutes for protein and iron.  So far it's been good.  But I do still have 21 days to go.  You might be laughing at me right now and thinking she'll never be able to do this her entire life she's already counting the days till she's done her experiment.  Maybe your right and I won't be able to do this forever, maybe I'll need to go back and watch that awful movie again to give me motivation.  But I am going to try.  I hope that if nothing else I will be more informed about what I put in my body and especially my sons body.  I want him to have the best and if that means that I never eat meat again I will do it. 

With my new findings and information that has made me more aware of what I eat, I have chosen to not buy commercially produced meat or eggs.  I will buy from a local farmer at the farmer's market.  If I can't get there to buy from him it will be a meatless week.  I want to only put known organic, humanely raised, no additives put in their food meat in my families bellies.  The only reason I'm buying meat at all during this "veg pledge" time is because my hubby refuses to give up his carnivore ways.  Although he has been fairly supportive in the way that he still eats what I put in front of him at dinner time and does not make a big stink about it.

I'm going to stop on this topic right now because I get to many thoughts in my head and can never write them down in a way that would make sense to other people and even make sense to me the next day. 

On a much happier note,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BIG BOY!!!  Yes, that's right my little boy that I still remember very clearly bringing into this world has turned one.  We had a great little party with balloons and cake and a veggie burger dinner!  He doesn't know quite how yet but he is very appreciative of all of his gifts he received.  We took him in to have his pictures taken and it went really well.  We got a great big smile and a little sly smile.  Their so cute.  I think he is just the cutest little boy in the world!  I'm sure all Mommies think that of their children though.

Tomorrow (or should I say today?)is Thanksgiving, I will be enjoying it without any meat product and thats ok with me.  As for the rest of my family they will be stuffing their faces with dead bird. (Haha, supposed to be a little joke).  I will enjoy my mashed potaotes and pumpkin pie!  Hope you all have a great holiday!           


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