I'm not sure what to call it...

So there is a fair amount of thoughts in my head lately.  Ranging from my diet to Christmas and Christmas present.  I've also been frustrated with certain people in my life but we'll see if I feel like bringing that up after I talk about the other topics I'm going to talk about. 

So my diet, I took the Go Veg pledge for 30 days and did do 30 days...  it's been almost 2 months now but lately I have been slipping.  It's not because I don't believe in the cause it's just I've been programmed for the past 25.5 years to eat meat.  I've made meals and eaten meals that have centered around a animal protein.  It's a hard habit to break.  Kinda like smoking or alcohol I would think (although, thankfully I've never experienced trying to recover from either of these addictions).   I've been still reading and trying to find vegetarian recipes that I like and have found some.  I found a really good blog that I've been following about a person that is an "almost vegetarian".  Her husband is still a meat eater some of the time and so is she sometimes.  I guess if I had to define myself I would call myself an almost vegetarian.  I know that hard core vegans would see it as I'm coping out and taking the easy road but I'm of the opinion that if I eat a 90% vegetarian diet it's better than not trying at all.  On the plus side when I don't eat meat I feel better, have more energy, don't have the craving for sweets anymore, and don't get constipated ( I know too much information there, it's been an ongoing battle since I had my gallbladder out four  years ago).  I will continue with my current diet which is mainly vegetarian and make the occasional meal with meat.  Maybe one day I'll completely cut it out but for right now I'm happy with my 90%.

My hubby and I try to do our part for the environment, we recycle, use the least amount of water possible, keep the lights turned off and have changed them to the energy saving kind.  We also for a while used cloth diapers on our little one but due to financial restrictions and us deciding that me staying home with the munchkin was more important than having cloth diapers (besides the fact that day cares won't take him in cloth diapers).  Just to let you all know it's great and I would recommend a diaper service to anyone with a baby.  But it was about $80.00/month.  Right now we pay about $26.00/month.  See the difference?  They don't send coupons for cloth diapers.  Just thought I would address this issue as someone had brought up wondering what had happened to us doing the environmentally friendly option.

Christmas, I love Christmas.  I love the snow, the excitement, the tree, the fires, the giving, and getting is a nice perk.  It frustrates me by the greediness and selfishness that comes up every year.   Now, I know it's nice to get stuff that you wouldn't ordinarily buy for yourself and I really appreciate all that I receive.  But expecting or demanding a gift... that makes me angry.  If I give you a gift it's out of the generosity of me and my family.   Not because I  feel that I owe you a gift.  I have given many gifts and received nothing in return and it doesn't bother me one bit.  I didn't get it for you expecting it to be reciprocated.  Sure it's nice if you thought of me in the holiday season and had the means to be generous and get me a gift but I wouldn't be hurt if you didn't get me anything.  What happened to the real meaning of Christmas?  When did it get to be all about a man in a red suit and what he has for me?   I hope that I  can show my son that Christmas is not about getting but about many other  things.  There's the birth of Christ...  oh really?  That happened then?  Huh... neat-o. (Now I don't honestly know the Bible like the back of my hand and I'll never claim to know it all but I have read things that said it was probably the spring when Jesus was born but I could very well be wrong).   Anyways, thats not the point, the point is that there is a lot more to Christmas that just getting.  I hope that maybe this year people might remember that, and maybe still get someone a gift even if they know they won't get one back.  I hope everyone can appreciate what the true meaning of Christmas is (I sound REALLY corny right there) and be thankful for the wonderful holiday it is in it's entirety.

Wow, I feel a lot better now that I've written that out.  Certain people may be angry with me for what I've just written but I'm not going to apologize, it's what I think.  It's my blog and I'll write what I want. :P 

There was other things that I was going to write about but I feel better so I think I'll stop for tonight.  Hope you all are having a good November!


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