I wonder why I live here sometimes

This is what it looks like outside of my house right now...  it's April 21st!   I guess it gives me a reason to make one more batch of chicken soup and dumplings though, right?

I think sometimes I need to move to some place like California or something but then I think I would miss the snow at Christmas time.  Hopefully this will be gone soon.

So in the middle of the worst  April snow storm in almost 20 years the library sends me a notice saying "Hi!  Your book is due tomorrow!  Please remember to bring it in on time".  Wait!  I'm not done it yet though!  So I go on-line to try and renew my book for another two weeks because it's taken me a little bit longer than I expected to read the book.  Until it gives me this big red box of text back saying- You cannot renew this material as it has a hold on it.  What?!  Nodoby wanted it when I checked it out.  It was sent over here from the other side of the city and now someone wants it.  Shesh.  So I guess I will be taking my half read book back to the library on my way home from work tomorrow as to prevent overdue fees.  But I do have 3 other books waiting for pick up!  Hopefully no one else wants them if I don't finish them on time.  Here are the books I am going to pick up tomorrow:

Here is the book I'm taking back:

Now these aren't my normal reading that I would do but many of the blogs I have been lurking on (is the right term?  I believe I have seen it used.) have reccomended them.  I did find the first Christ the Lord by accident when looking for something else but since I enjoyed Anne Rice novels when I was younger I thought it would be something I could read easily when my brain wasn't up for something that made me think a lot.  It was a really good book.  I enjoyed it quite a bit.  I didn't even know a sequel had been written until I was cathing up one morning on my blog reading.  I hope that this one is just as good as the first.  The other two are purely for information and to learn something new.

I was enjoying my current book but as I am only about half way through I will take it back for now and either put another hold (I'll be 3rd in line) on it, or I'll just go buy the $9.00 book.  Maybe if I buy it I'll even splurge and get the bigger text one because let me tell you at 11:30 at night laying in bed sometimes the text gets a little too small for my eyes. 

I should also mention that 6:30 comes really early after a late night of reading, especially when you are being summoned by the little king of the house (Momma!  MOMMA!!!).  So after Tim leaves this morning I get up and drag my very tired ass in to get him hoping he hasn't pooped/puked anywhere during the night or the last thirty minutes he's been awake.  Stupid snow, makes his bedroom practically glow.  Thankfully I am greeted by a smiling little man wearing snowman pj's (how appropriate don't you think?) bouncing up and down excitedly that his yells have been answered.  The day wasn't bad, it was just a rough start to the day.  I would normally make coffee on mornings like this to get me going but the last time I tried to do it it took longer than expected and my little man got all the way upstairs before I even knew he was gone. So no coffee but a nice nap when he went down for his the first time. 

But now it is time for me to go to bed, or at least kinda in the direction.  Night!

(Thanks Amazon.com for the book images, you guys always have everything I need.)


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