How to make baby food

Yup, that is what I started my day by doing.  I’m going to admit that I have been buying Heinz Organic baby food for Lukah.  It’s convenient and easy.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with jarred baby food, but I do have to admit that making it myself for my little screaming billy-goat makes me feel like I’m being a better Momma.  I haven’t had a lot of time to make baby food in the past month since he started eating it so I actually planned it and put it in my Google calendar for today.  I had bought some organic pears from the Farmer’s Market last weekend and was waiting for them to ripen up so they would have the optimum amount of sweetness.  I think if I would have waited another day they would have been over ripe and really hard to work with, great planning on my part.  It’ almost like I knew what I was doing, if only that was true! 

Making baby food has to be one of the easiest things to do.  It is time consuming but if you do enough for a month of servings at a time it’s not as bad as if you were trying to make it for just a couple days.  I like to make huge batches and blitz it and then relax for a few weeks.  I started with Pears today and soon hope to be able to get out to Planet Organic and pick up some yams, butternut squash, peas, carrots, apples, peaches, and maybe even some strawberries.

Start with 6 small-medium pears.  Use less or more depending on how much baby food you want to make.


Peel and Core the pears.  I peel them with a vegetable peeler and use a 1/2 tsp measure to scoop out the seeds and the bottom little fuzzy thing.  You will also need to take out the stem, I find this is easier to do once the pear is cut in half, if you pull it towards yourself it’ll come out quite nicely and take some of the fiberous bits with it leading down to the seeds.

DSCF0012 DSCF0015

Cut it into smallish chunks and get it ready for the pot.


Put it in the pot and put the heat on to about medium, you don’t want it too hot or you might end up burning your pears and that isn’t good baby food! :)  If you put the lid on they will release their juices without the pot boiling dry.  Let it simmer for about 6 minutes, depends on how ripe your pears are.


When it is done simmering in the pot and you can see the juices coming out and the pears going mushy take it off the heat and get out your handy dandy food processor and do some whizzing!


Looks yummy doesn’t it?  Go ahead and try it if you want, it tastes like pears!!!  At the stage you can go right to freezing or if your like me and like to make sure there is nothing in the food that your baby might choke on (good for early eaters or babies that have a little trouble getting the chewing thing down) I get out my small mesh strainer and push it through that, this way it gets out any of those pear fibers that might get stuck in your little one’s throat.  After that I use an ice cube tray to freeze individual portions of the baby food, this way you can only use as much as you need and if your baby wants more it’s only about 8 seconds in the microwave away!


Once they are frozen good and solid I like to pop them out and store them in a freezer bag.  Make sure you don’t leave them on the counter though or you’ll end up with a big pile of pureed pears!  Or you could leave them in the ice cube trays and just keep them separated but you would need to invest in a few more ice cube trays.  If you do plan on using your ice cube trays for *gasp* ice cubes it’ll take about 10 hours for the to freeze rock hard I find before then they stay a little soft around the edges.  Six small to medium pears makes 16 servings or one ice cube tray, every serving I made was a large tablespoon. 

Go ahead and try it!  I bet you’ll feel like a little bit of a better mommy, or at the very least you’ll know exactly what your baby is eating.  I still am not sure what to make of that rice cereal for babies…  I sure wouldn’t eat it!  Lukah seems to think it’s ok though.  

I’ll be posting how to make other kinds of baby food soon!


Wow, a really great idea!
Storing the baby foot in some freezer a lone father i have to try that immediately.

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