Happy Velentine's Day!!!

Well like the title says, Happy Valentine's Day!

Riley and I are off to swimming today and he will be wearing a red sweater and red socks with his jeans.  I'm sure he'll fit in with all the other babies there with their red outfits for the day.  Not much selection for boys on V-Day, a lot for girls...  hmmm.  Maybe next time I'll have to have a girl? :P 

Anyways, I have just finished my second week back at a job where I don't take care of a toddler all day!  It's been so relaxing!  There are two days a week that all I do is the ar/ap for a company and don't have to look after the little monster.  Don't get me wrong I love him and want to be there for everything and the first day on my way to work I had a little cry as Tim drove us to work.   But there is no other way to explain it other than it's relaxing.  Plus my brain gets to think and do things that it hasn't done for the past 17 months!  It's very strange. :P  I am enjoying getting away from the house for the two days.  I also think that Riley enjoys spending time with his Auntie Megan and because she is here two days a week they are getting a closer relationship. 

It's been so long since I've written and I'm really not sure what to catch you up on.  The job is the most recent exciting thing.  Swimming lessons for Riley is almost over.  After that we are going to enroll him in some gym classes at the YMCA so he can still interact with all his little friends and get some exercise.  It also means that I need to buy him sneakers!  (Wahoo! more shopping for the baby!  I LOVE shopping for the baby).  I have them picked out already so it'll be nice to get him something cute.  Plus, with me working I'm not berrated by guilt for buying him something.

Oh!  The other exciting thing that happening for us is this summer were going on our first family vacation!  It'll be the first time since our honeymoon that we've done something big.  We are going to Naramata with Tim's parents (taking our own vehicle and getting our own cabin).  Tim is going biking and I hope to spend the week on the beach with Riley eating as many cherries as possible.  After that we are going on to Vancouver Island as there has been several requests from Tim's Grandma (Riley's Great Grandma) that she get to meet him before she dies.  I know he won't remember her but I think it'll be nice to have the memories for Tim and I (and of course the pictures!).  Tim's Aunt also lives out there so we'll get to see her too. 

I think thats about all to say right now, I have made some FABULOUS recipes lately but unfortunately have not had time to post them.  As soon as I have time I will post about them.  Also, the house hunt is still going on...  it seems like it will never end.  We've only seen two houses that we were even remotely interested in since basically we started looking.  I hate house hunting.  This weekend we're going to an open house if the weather is nice.  It's a beautiful house from 1917... but I want to know what the heating bill is like before I fall in love.  It has new wiring, roof, hot water tank, and furnace.  So hopefully it will be really nice and the house hunt will be over but I'm not holding my breath.

Lunch Time and again HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!  Hope you like the cookies Timmy!


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