Garden 2010 – Part 2

These pictures were taken June 30, 2010.  Everything was going really well.  The radishes came in great and we had many many batches of radish butter.  The spinach came in great and was a good addition to salads.  This coming year I am going to try putting the lettuce mix and spinach in containers on the deck.  They don’t take up a lot of room and have a hard time competing with the squashes.  I’m not sure where to put the kale and Swiss chard this coming year.  I want it to have a better chance and also I would like to be able to reseed it which I couldn’t do this year because the squashes took over the entire garden. 


Strawberry is so small squashed into the back left corner.  Summer squash doing really well, Pepper getting drowned out.  Zucchini doing really we as well.  Did they like the mushroom compost or the miracle grow vegetable mixture?  Not sure but what it was they really liked it!


Tomatoes are doing well.  In this picture they didn’t seem that they were competing at all.  I didn’t find out that they would compete until just recently.  Apparently only one per bed?  Next year I’m thinking containers like I use to do.  Just to maximize their potential.  Loved the Ultra girl, great for sandwhiches.  Really need to try the cherry tomatoes one again, barely got any.  Still waiting on the Brandywine, I had really high hopes for this one, hope I get a chance to try them.  Beefsteak did really well and I think I’ll plant it again this coming year.  Want to try some zebra’s.


My broad beans.  Unfortunately they just didn’t get any better.  This coming year I’ll have to remember to put the lattice in at the beginning to it has it to grow on from the very start. 


Like father, like son.  Too goofy smiles on a sunny summer evening.  Yes, that is our fence in the back!  Only took us 5 years to get it up!  Had to get it up, the evil bunnies were trying to eat our garden and all my hard work!

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