Crappy Post

Monday was fairly uneventful but I did have to go to that place where I do this thing with numbers.  Also known as accounting.  Yuck.  I know that I should be grateful and all that for having a place that I can go and do that but some days it’s really hard to be grateful when your 5.5 month old is screaming and won’t sit in his saucer or his bassinet or his car seat.  Also makes it hard for me to get anything done.  Ah well.  I’ll try again next week!

  • Half a bagel with plain cream cheese, XL Mocha, whip, 3 Tim bits.  Can you tell where we stopped on the way to Grandpa and Gramma’s?
  • Can of chef boyardee – gross.  I don’t know why I feel the need to eat this occasionally.  It’s not like ramen noodles that are really good when you have them this was just ew. 
  • Apple (so good!)
  • Ice Cap (I swear Tim Horton’s is making all it’s money off of us this summer)
  • Maple Cranberry Chicken Breasts with Mashed Potatoes – from my yard!!!  This was so delicious.  I really should try and get the recipe posted.

I think that was it but I can’t remember.  That’s the problem with doing your post a day late. 

Today I was at home with the boys all day.  I do enjoy days like this and it was made even better by Lukah deciding to have a nap so I got to play one on one with Riley for an hour or two before lunch!  It’s so nice to get to play with him like we use to.  I love both my boys but there are days there is just not enough of me to go around.

  • Whole Wheat Organic Banana Pancakes, Orange Juice, Maple syrup.
  • Two Wheat thins with laughing cow cheese.
  • Whole Wheat bun with apricot jam and a little butter.
  • A bite of brown beans and some hot dog.
  • Apple and about 2oz cheese
  • Pork Tenderloin with Ginger Ale and baguette and peas.  The peas were from my garden as well!!!
  • Half a coke split with Riley and Tim.
  • Popcorn, mmmmm.  Really wanted something in the evening. 

Tim got Lukah’s room ready to paint tonight so we can go at it tomorrow evening and get the primer on it or if the boys decide to nap at the same time tomorrow I can get the primer on by myself.  I’m not a very good painter but I’ll see what I can get done. 

Sorry for the crappy post but I wanted to get my food journals up for the past two days.  I swear I’ll be back with something more exciting tomorrow…  maybe baby food.

I also want to make a carrot cake for a friend’s birthday that happened this past weekend.  That is for now though!  See ya tomorrow!

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