Tune Tuesday–June Edition

So I didn’t do and Tune Tuesday last month.  Not sure what happened.  Life got in the way, I didn’t write down the new songs I liked, blah, blah, blah.  Whoops.  My favorite show is back on TV, maybe that will inspire me.  I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance.  LOVE.  I hate all the singing ones, I’m not sure what it is, probably stems from some traumatic childhood event.  Doesn’t everything that you hate or are afraid of now stem from something in your childhood?  No?  Eh, I like my theory, you can make your own up.  Life has been very busy, school is almost out, Farmer’s Markets are in full swing and an abundance of summer time activities are taking up my free time. 

I have been reminded once again that life is short and that bad things happen to good people.  My heart breaks for them and their family but at the same time I am so thankful that it isn’t happening to me and my family, at least not this time.  I thought about it at yoga last night, I’m not sure why but just as I was about to have a hissy in my head about not being able to to do standing knee pose properly my mind just cleared and I thought stop being such a bitch and be happy that you have the ability to get half way there, some people your age won’t leave the hospital probably ever again and the end of their story is near, not being able to get your head to your knee while standing on one foot is not something to lose it over.  It has reminded me to try and not take life for granted and to be thankful, everyday, even the days that seem to suck.  I saw a saying/picture on Pinterest and really liked it. 


Nice reminder don’t you think?  Anyways, enough of my rambling on to the music.

Awake My Soul – Mumford and Sons

Oh that I had – Ruby Frost and Mt Eden

Move You – Arya Marina

Dirty Laundry – Bitter:Sweet

And, because I am totally depressing above I thought some of you might enjoy this, if you like this kind of thing.  Doctor 10, you are my favorite…  11, I like your hair and your bow tie but 10 is still at the top in my head.

Doctor Who – Cast and Crew Special


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