Meal Planning Week 19 of 52

Don’t ask, there was a plan but it went out the window.  Pizza and salad.  

Italian Style Halibut and Asian Slaw

Asian Chicken Noodle Salad with Ginger-Peanut Dressing

Brown Rice and Beans with Ginger Chili Salsa

Margherita Tortilla Pizza

Roasted Tilapia, Potatoes, and Lemons

Sesame Caesar with Za'atar Rub Grilled Chicken Salad

Monday has been as wonderful as a Monday can get.  It’s warm, practically hot at 30 Celsius today, with a breeze.  The doors and windows have been open all day letting the breeze go through the house and get rid of any of the stale air that might be left over from what has seemed like the longest winter in history.  I hope this weather sticks around.  I am happier and life seems more promising when there are big puffy white clouds against a light blue sky. 

I got a new bike last Friday.  Tim humored me and let me get a aqua coloured basket with an orange basket liner, a pink flower, and a bell with an owl on it.  So far I’m really enjoying it.  Saturday we went for a long bike ride and today Riley and I rode our bikes to and from school with Lukah in the bike stroller.  It was nice.  Makes the trip to school very quick.  Leaves a little more time for me to get my act together, which I always appreciate as I can never seem to get up with my alarm and then we are scrambling and flying around the house trying to make sure we get dressed, have breakfast, make lunch, and get Riley’s backpack ready to go in about half the time I originally planned.  I am not a morning person, I don’t function well.  I can go to bed at 9 and be completely refreshed when I wake up but I just can’t seem to shake the fog till about 8 am.  Another reason I am happy that summer will be here soon.  I can get up at 8 with the kids and we aren’t late for anything. 

Riley is at soccer practice right now with my hubby.  He’s been asking when it would start since indoor soccer ended.  I’m so glad he enjoys it. 

This weather helps me to get excited about planting my garden, spending evenings on the deck with my hubby reading and sipping flavoured water, camping with friends and late nights spent around the campfire roasting marshmallows and drinking the occasional beer, watching my kids run through the sprinkler and suck on whatever flavour popsicle I’ve thrown together for them that day (today was simple, apple), enjoying light salads on the deck for dinner, and homemade ice cream on the weekends when I’m feeling up to doing something special.

I love you summer, please don’t leave us too soon.  I do love fall the best but summer, you are a very, very close second.  

My new bike.  Isn't it pretty?

Have a good week everybody!  Enjoy the sunshine!


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