Meal Planning Week 16 of 52

Curried Chicken w/ Coconut Rice

The Contilentil Divide pg. 79 TLC

Grown up Tuna Noodle Casserole

Grilled  Skirt Steak w/ Guacamole and Rajas

Greek Seasoned Salmon w/ Rice and Veggies

Tomato Soup w/ Grilled Cheese

Hamburgers w/ Ceaser Salad

The first meal I ever made was pork chops.  I was 10.  My mother and Grandpa had decided that they were going to paint our new house we were going to be moving to in a month or so and had gone over to paint it.  I do appreciate that they painted the house for us but it left a 10 year old in charge of a 6(7) and 4(5) year old.  Being a mother myself now I would never do that but in the 90’s I guess it was ok?  I don’t honestly know, all I know is there were two little girls crying for dinner and their mother could not be gotten ahold of as this was before everyone had a cell phone.  My dad was also working two jobs at the time and wasn’t home yet from work and I knew that he would want dinner as well...  I’d seen what would happen if there was no dinner when he got home. 

Anyways, getting back to first meal I ever made.  I remember being terrified but more terrified of my dad coming home to my sisters screaming and crying about how there was no food and mom wasn’t home so I sucked up and did my best.  I remember thawing the pork chops in the microwave, a little too long so they were a little cooked.  Getting out the shake n bake and reading the instructions.  Turning on the oven and not being sure if I did it right.  I remember making potatoes they way my Grandpa had done so many times and thankfully I knew how to do that part.  I put everything on two baking trays and put it in the oven.  I didn’t know where the timer was so I remember trying to figure out how long it would take on the clock.  I put peas in the microwave and waited.  I was so worried I would burn the pork chops and I would be in so much trouble I checked them several times.  Finally, everything was ready.  I don’t remember feeding my sisters but I must have because I know my dad wasn’t angry when he got home.  He made a plate for my mom and for my Grandpa and after he had eaten dinner he left to go see them.  There was no praise, no thank you, no shock or amazement.  It was just what was supposed to have happened. 

If I’d only known what I had done by making dinner that night I may never have done it.  I made dinner for my family basically till the day I moved out after that.  I took over the grocery shopping and cooking and some of the cleaning in the kitchen.  My sisters were supposed to help but I don’t remember them helping.  My mother would lay up in her bedroom and read and watch TV.  My friends in post secondary use to talk about how they couldn’t wait to go home to see their moms and get some home cooked food.  I didn’t understand when they talked about homemade pasta and pasta sauce or all these other things I’d heard about.  Pasta comes out of a box and sauce comes out of a can, Duh!  I didn’t know that some mom’s made care packages for their kids when they left to go back to school after thanksgiving or Christmas.  One friend would come home with plates and plates of pre made dinners that her mom had put together for her.  My dad bought me groceries a couple times when I was in post secondary, that was all the care packages I ever got. 

Now that I have kids, I want to be the mom that everyone wanted to go home and get yummy food from.  That makes homemade pasta and sauce.  That makes homemade bread and jam.  That sends plates of pre made dinners home with my kids so I know they are getting at least one meal a day that is good.  I want them to know that I love them and maybe it’s not perfect but I do it with cooking.  I do it already by making them cookies and squares.  Tim is the breadmaker (yeast and I for the most part do NOT get along).  I make dinner 99% of the time.  I make my older ones lunch for him according to order and yes he is sometimes a little picky but I do it because I love him and I want him to know that.  I let my little one help me make biscuits, even though I can do it twice as fast by myself because he likes it and it’s something we share.  I know right now they don’t recognize that by me making them dinner every night and baking occasionally for them that I love them more than they could ever understand.  One day, I hope they realize that I was trying my best. Trying be the Mommy I had wanted when I was little. 

Amusingly enough, I hate shake n bake now.  We also rarely eat pork.  I also don’t make those potatoes anymore because wowie my arteries are better without potatoes rubbed in butter.  I still eat peas though!  Honestly, when my kids are teenagers they will probably look back and think about all the times I tried to get them to eat some weird ass vegetarian thing or how I always made too many vegetables or told them that fish is chicken.  But, maybe when they have kids they will finally realize that I was doing it out of love.  Maybe.

Sorry for the long ramble.  It was in my head and I figured why not share.  Maybe this will explain why I'm so OCD about having a meal plan every week.  ;)  Have a good week everybody!


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