Meal Planning Week 15 of 52

Good Evening! 

- Salmon w/ Brussels Sprouts and Ginger Scallion Sauce - Wednesday in the end

- Thrill of the Grill pg. 34 TLC - Not bad

- Fish Burgers w/ Sweet Potato Chips - Sunday in the end

- Feast from the East pg. 51 TLC - Thursday in the end

- Chop Sooo-ey pg. 206 TLC - Used this on Tuesday

- I have no clue, apparently I forgot about Friday.  Grilled Cheese?

- Curried Chicken w/ Coconut Rice

So, I forgot about Friday night.  I'm not sure why but I did.  Whoops.  Ah well, as you can see this week isn't playing out meal wise like I thought it would.  Oh!  I know!  I bought pancake mix at the butchers today.  We'll have pancakes and bacon on Friday night with some fruits.  Problem solved. 

Volunteered at Riley's school today.  It went well, I think he likes me coming in to do things at his school....  at least he hasn't told me not to.  I'll take what I can get.  My 6 year old is going on 16, at least in attitude. 

You might have noticed that last week I didn't do a meal plan.  We used leftovers all week from Easter.  Monday I think we just had plain old leftovers, Tuesday we made Omlettes from the leftovers, Wednesday we had lamb and I made some rice and veggies, Thursday was ham and cheese waffles and Friday I just couldn't do leftovers anymore and we caved and had chicken something.  I can't remember what exactly.  All I remember is Riley wouldn't eat it because the chicken was funny.  We got it from the grocery store instead of the butchers and he wouldn't touch it.  I'm raising food snobs and for the most part that is ok with me.  I like that they can tell quality already. 

Easter dinner was really really good, we had a whoopsy with the butcher we use, the ordering lady forgot our order but thankfully in the end we got what we ordered and I don't think it could possibly have been fresher as I believe it was slaughtered that day and brought to our house.  I know they messed up but they went way above and beyond to make sure that our Easter turned out the way we planned.  Also, the lamb was AMAZING and the ham wasn't to shabby either.  If you are in the market for a butcher or maybe want to break away from the huge grocery store and get some quality product try out Acme Meat Market.  They know meat and the customer service is top notch!  I order most of my meat via twitter because I hate using the phone, they are great at putting up with my aversion to normal communcation procedures.  We also get a CSA through Riverbend Gardens from July till October.  It's actually how we started using Acme.  Why not get some meat when Tim picks up the veggies?!  I admit that I stopped being a vegetarian last year because Tim started bringing home meat from Acme.  I eat meat about 3 sometimes 4 times a week now, I would say I'm ashamed but I'm not. 

Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful week and don't freeze to death with this ridiculous weather that we are having right now.  I'm so done with this cold.  Yesterday I told Tim I didn't want to live here anymore.  I was joking, kind of. 


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