Meal Planning Week 10 of 52

Chicken and Broccolini Shepherd’s Pie

Black Forest Cake
Unfried fried chicken, buttered pasta, potato salad

Peanut Butter noodles

Salmon w/ Brussels Sprouts and Ginger scallion sauce

Mario Batali's White Bean Soup

My big low fat moussaka

Date night?  Pizza for the boys

Monday was my littlest 4th birthday.  I still remember him being born.  Where did time go?  Now he's a little boy with a huge attitude.  To celebrate we had Gramma, Grandpa, and Grandma over for dinner.  Small but nice for him I think.  We got him the kitchen he had been asking for.  He got new pajamas and stuff to go with his kitchen.  It was a good evening for him I think and hope.  I made him a black forest fox cake.  It was good, but the texture in the cake was not what I was hoping for.  Ah well.  We didn't do anything huge this year and I feel a little bad about that.  Next year we are planning a big bash and inviting all his friends from school so hopefully that will make up for the smallish party this year. 

Last week with R being home Thursday and Friday and then the weekend and then he was home sick on Monday my patience and sanity were nearing their breaking part.  The kids came through unscathed....  Tim on the other hand is still PO'd at me.  He has every right to be and I do feel bad but my apology isn't enough right now.  Hopefully soon. 

The weather has been wonderful lately and I am quite enjoying the sun.  Can't wait for breakfast smoothies and salads for lunches and even a lot of dinners.  I love summer after the winter.  Spring is in the middle and  I could really do without all the mud and mess it bring with it.  Ah well.

This weeks meal plan is mainly new stuff.  The salmon on Wednesday is my fall back to get some fish in during the week.  It's tasty and Tim and I like it.  The kids act like it's the grossest thing even but what else is new.  Unless in involves white pasta or chicken they are suspicious. 

Date night on Saturday, maybe.  We'll see.  We don't have a plan and don't know what to do.  We haven't been out since...  June just the two of us.  We did go out for a night in Mexico for dinner but thats the only other "date night" we've had.  It's ok though, the kids are only small once and I for the most part enjoy being home with them and watching them grow in to little men.  So cute.

Have a good week everybody!  Enjoy the sun while it lasts!


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