Fourteen Thoughts for 2014!


Crochet more - I’ve been doing it a lot more and remembering how much I love it.  I’d like to continue with it and get really good at it.  I have a few projects I would like to do.  Blanket for the living room, scarfs, touque for me, heart garland for Valentine’s day.  So many projects!   

Read more - This past year I really didn’t do well at this one.  I would like to read two books a month this year.  That might be really ambitious for me but I figure you need to set a goal so that you can work towards it.   

Take more pictures - More, I rarely remember it even though I have my phone with me all the time.  I even read photography blogs and get tips and tricks sent to my e-mail but I seem to forget that I might want to remember this moment forever and not just for the moment.  I’d like to get better at it.  I’d like to learn how to use our DSLR better.

Eat healthier - We do pretty well at this.  Most weeks we only eat meat two or three times, which I consider to be healthy.  We eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.  I want to work in more greens and expand our horizons into healthier eating.  Maybe try out a juicer.

Relax more - This is hard for me.  My mind is always going, I’m always thinking about something or someone.  I need to clear my head more often and realize it’s ok to not think about anything or anyone.

Not let people’s hurtful comments get to me - I know this is asking the impossible but I’ve been hurt by people I’ve considered really close this year.  It hurt me to the core and I was upset for weeks about it.  I would like to be more zen about it.  To realize that those people are not attacking me, that there is normally something deeper in them that possibly needs help and might need to be healed.  That lashing out is the way they are releasing their anger or frustration.  On the other side though to also remember that some people are just mean and I shouldn’t waste my time or heart on them.

Try making chicken liver pate for a special occasion - why not?  I saw it on a show and looked yummy.  At least when it was done. Also, maybe have lobster and or crab this year at home.  Crab fest at home?!  Why not!

Exercise more - so bad this year.  I really didn’t do anything strenuous and I should have.  I walk about an hour 5 times a week but I need to add something else in to my routine.  Maybe go back to yoga?  Running?  Pilates?  I’ll have to think about this more and then get at it.  

Let the people I love know that I love them, not be so guarded - I don’t remember the last time I was ever 100% trusting and just myself.  Tim and I have come so far in the past couple years.  I’ve gotten a lot better at being just me around him and not worrying he’s going to make fun of me or ridicule me.  It’s taken 16 years of him being with me but I think I’m 99.5% of the way there with him.  Now, to just the let the rest of the world in more than 50%.

To love my home more - I have big dreams for our little house.  I love our house and would love to work more on making it our own.  There are many things I would like to do but I think the big three this year will be painting the main level completely (including the ceiling I wrecked weeks after we moved in), changing the paint colour downstairs to something more cheery for the boys, and hopefully if the stars align I would like to do the kitchen cupboards and countertop/backsplash.  There are other projects as well but I think these are the top three I would like to accomplish.

Expand my musical horizons - I want to find more music I love and want to listen to.  I love all kinds and want to find more I love.  

Spend more time with friends and family - we are all so busy and constantly running from one thing to another.  I would like to slow down and have more time to be with the people I love.  

Write more - I did this for a while this year and it was so freeing from my thoughts and the darkness that sometimes consumes me.  It would be awesome if it was on my blog but I would settle with it just being for myself, on or off the computer, I don’t really care.  

Be the best mother and wife I can possibly be - To show my boys how much I truly love them.  I want to be able to slow down and spend some really good quality time with them, I want them to know that they are my biggest priority.  To show my husband how much I appreciate him and to make sure he know what a wonderful man he is, that tries his hardest for his family and I know would do almost anything to keep us happy. 

Here is to 2014!  I hope that it is a wonderful year for everyone. 


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