Do you know how hard it is to eat well when you are forced, yes that's right forced to make a cake in the middle of the week?  I can tell you very.  I haven’t eat any of it yet, but that is because it’s not quite done yet.  I much prefer when the Daring Bakers make it a weekend date you need to post by or I like it when I read the posting date and can make the cake on the weekend.  image

  • 2 pieces of Squirrely bread with apricot jam and a little marg. OJ (very small glass).  I love Squirrelly bread from Silver Hills bakery, it’s chewy and dense and really good in open faced sandwiches and as toast.  Probably one of my favorite items that I still purchase from my Weight Watchers days. 
  • Chocolate chunks, yes this is the beginning of the cake making.
  • Vitamin Water – defense, raspberry-apple (c+zinc)  Yummy.
  • Mr. Noodle.  You just gotta have one every once and a while.  Today was my day and it was good.  I won’t have another one for probably 6 months.
  • More chocolate chunks, does it make it any better that they are 70% dark chocolate and Callebaut?
  • Coke, I had a moment of weakness.  I put ice in it.
  • Tonight’s dinner is/was Provencal marinated steak with baguette and peas.
  • Small piece of daring bakers project.  Too be posted tomorrow (or later tonight depending on how late I’m up!) 

We went a friends in the evening to share the cake with them.  It was Nick’s birthday this past weekend and what better excuse to pawn cake off on them than a birthday!  Ooops, I said cake, yes it’s a cake and if you follow the daring bakers you will know that already as I have had several of the posts come through already in my Google reader.

I honestly haven’t seen my weight go down at all this past week even with the journaling.  I’m hoping to start throwing a little exercise in soon and get working on that waist measurement.  25” here I come!!!

I’m also hoping to start remembering to take pictures of my food so that you guys can see what I’m eating as well as read about it.  Maybe it will help to make me even more mindful of what I shove into my pie hole! :P 

I just had a thought…  maybe I should quit having bread with my meal and instead have brown rice or something that is a whole lot healthier for me!  Hmmmm, have to see what I can do about that as well.

Off to finish my daring bakers post and then to bed.  I have to go to the Dentist tomorrow morning at 7:30.  Gross!  Hopefully he has good news for me, I think I’m being ripped off my by my current dentist. 

Have a good night everyone!       

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