Super Fantastic Weekend!

I was going to do this long winded post about how fabulous my weekend was and how I've been contemplating going back to school (for something that would make my friends and family think I've lost it) but I think this sums up my weekend.  How blessed am I to have this wonderful little boy in my life everyday?!

I'll talk about the other stuff some other time. :P


Blueberry Pie Cravings

So the other night (a few weeks back).  I had this terrible craving for blueberry pie.  I like blueberry's but don't make them part of my normal diet as they are not my favorite berry.  My son on the other hand LOVES them.  He'll eat pound after pound of them.  During the summer when we go to the Farmer's Market we buy 2lbs of Blueberries every week and he'll eat them all by Wednesday of the same week.  He loves them in pancakes, muffins, french toast, you name it he'll eat it.  I'm not as crazy about them so it was weird for me to crave them and it wasn't just for one day it was for three weeks before I gave it.  I found this recipe on-line and was very please with the outcome.  Tim and I bought a new camera around Christmas time and he has been trying a few things out to try and get the best food photos which seem to be harder to do than just regular pictures.  It's a work in progress but hopefully we'll get it right one day!


Homemade Fish and Chips

So the other night Tim and I were feeling adventurous and decided to do something we haven't done since our little one came along.  We cooked a meal together!  Back before dinner revolved around the little monster's choice of the day/week, we use to make an effort every Saturday night to cook together, enjoy some good wine/beer and talk a little other than just kinda talking in passing as we both go to do our own thing for the night.  It's been a while and to get back into the swing of things we decided to try one of our old favorites Fish and Chips with Tartar sauce, vinegar and a bit of lemon.  For not deep frying for several years (about three) and not cooking together it worked out quite nicely.  I would definitely make it again!


Happy Velentine's Day!!!

Well like the title says, Happy Valentine's Day!

Riley and I are off to swimming today and he will be wearing a red sweater and red socks with his jeans.  I'm sure he'll fit in with all the other babies there with their red outfits for the day.  Not much selection for boys on V-Day, a lot for girls...  hmmm.  Maybe next time I'll have to have a girl? :P 


Pumpkin Pie!

I haven't posted many recipes lately, I've been trying some new ones and want to try them more than once before I give them out.  So here is my thanksgiving recipe for Pumpkin Pie and Whipped Cream.

Pumpkin Pie


Tired of being the Mommy who can't lose the weight

So today just for kicks I pulled out the box of clothes under my bed that I can't fit and haven't been able to since about my 5th month of pregnancy.  The pants went a little earlier but the shirts about the 5th month.  At the time I thought it was just being pregnant that made them to small.  Now I realize that I put on too much weight during my pregnancy and that I may never lose it.