I thought this article about Mother's was just to good not to share.  The Mother's War.  Read it, it's worth the five minutes. 

Mother's Day is, to be honest, somewhat of an annoyance. It's manifestly one of those tedious Hallmark holidays wherein everyone is supposed to run out and support the revenue stream of cardboard manufacturers in the name of expressing gratitude to mothers, fathers, grandparents and anyone else to whom we might be related.


Alberta's midwives rally for provincial funding

When I was pregnant Tim and I had thrown around the idea of a home birth or one at a birthing centre.  I had not had the best hospital experiences and was worried this was going to be another thing that I dreaded.  Due to price and availability we decided against doing a natural birth at home or a birthing centre.  In the end it was good that we had decided to go with our Dr. and at a hospital as there were some minor complications (never mind having to be induced 2 weeks past my due date).


Swimming lessons and a Birthday party!

Today was the first day that Riley and Tim had swimming lessons together.  We left a little on the early side this morning as we weren’t 100% sure where to park.  We'd never been to the downtown YMCA.  It's lucky we left early as they had the area right around where we needed to park blocked off for a run this morning.  Not sure what the run was for but I think it had something to do with breast cancer as there was a lot of pink!


Yummy Cheesy Broccoli Salad

This afternoon since it hit 17 degrees Celsius I decided that the little man and I should go for a walk before Tim got home.  So when he woke up from his nap and had his lunch I loaded him up in the stroller and off we went to the local supermarket.  Right about when I was leaving my subdivision I wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew, but we made it!!!  7km round trip.  My legs are sore now but it was nice.  Got my two books waiting at the library for me and also picked up dinner fixings which included this yummy yummy salad.  It is so good that Tim is eating the rest of it right now, for an after dinner snack!


What's your favorite breakfast?

As I was watching my little one much down his plain oatmeal with banana and a little brown sugar I came across an article saying that what you have for breakfast says a lot about you.  Now, I don't know that I totally agree with that because for me personally in the morning (especially on a work morning) I get up late and end up grabbing a granola bar.  My favorites right now are the Cherry Dark Chocolate and the