Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes

Bright and early this morning Riley, Tim and I all got in the car and drove down to Hawrelak park.  When I say bright and early I do mean bright and early.  Thankfully Riley was a trooper  and after a very hard night before and going to bed at 7:30 he was up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7:30 am.  I wouldn't normally be thrilled about this but since we needed to leave around 8:30 it was goo


Opera Cake!

DSCF0051   DSCF0052   DSCF0063   silueta2

I have completed my first daring bakers challenge!  It went very well and only took me three and half hours to complete.  I think thats a really good time.  I made sure that the little man was safely in bed before starting because it makes doing anything in the kitchen about a hundred times harder with him under my feet. 

I decided to make an almond cake with lemon syrup and a layer of strawberries, lemon-vanilla butter cream and white chocolate mousse and ganache.



This weekend was pretty good.  Tim, Riley and I all piled in the car on Saturday morning to go downtown for their swimming lessons at the YMCA.  It was lots of fun, Riley is finally (for the past two lessons) warming up to being in the water with Tim.  He doesn't reach for me anymore and actually giggles and smiles a lot now.  His friends C & C were there.  We've been taking lessons with them since the very beginning.  I've really enjoyed getting to know them they are great girls and the little one is so sweet.  She also gives me a reason to buy pink things!  My little one sure doesn't


Baby/Toddler classes.

Well... this isn't what I had originally written up to post about today but maybe I just wasn't supposed to post it.

One of my fellow Mommies a couple weeks back asked me what classes I had Riley in as we were leaving our swimming class. Which made me think to myself "should him and I being doing more classes?". I answered that I had him in swimming and I take him to the library for a sing/read along when he gets up early enough.

The Mommy seemed satisfied with my answer. But it made me think about if I was really doing enough for Riley. Is he being stimulated enough? Is he learning enough? Am I making sure that his potential is being pushed as far as it can?

I hear a lot about people that are putting their toddlers in many activities. Ranging from swimming lessons to "baby band" all the way to toddler 2nd language classes. Are these necessary? Am I hindering Riley's learning by having him spend time with me during the day instead of in a class learning something?