Thank you for this quiet moment my babe, as you sit so close to me I can feel the heat off of your little body while you watch transformers and enjoy your after school snack of a rice krispie square that you grimaced at helping me make for mother’s day.  I love you my dear sweet boy, I hope that you feel this close to me always.  That you feel you can sit close forever and you can tell me anything or tell me nothing and just share in a quiet moment with me.  Know that I will be here for you always, no matter where your life and heart take you, for rice krispie squares or for support when life doesn’t go the way you thought it would, or both if that is what you need.

Mother’s day reminds me I am so thankful for you, the baby, who has turned into an amazing boy, that made me a mother.  A job I don’t take lightly and everyday try to get better at.  My promise to you, your brother, and to myself is that I will never ever give up on you, your brother, or this gig as a mom.  Know that some days will be harder than others and that some days, months, or hell even years it may not seem like I understand you, and honestly I may not, but know that I love you and I will forever be in your corner.  Even when I give you that look that says I think you are crazy.  

Thank you my boys, for blessing me with this amazing gift of motherhood.  Without you I don’t think I’d be half the person I am today.